An fishing all Aussie social network!

The need for an app such as the fishing mate is apparent, so much time is spent by fishing enthusiast gathering information prior to the trip. Fishing forums, weather websites, legal fish size guides, tide times..... A single website for all this information would be great, having all this information on a mobile device with you is perfect.

Thousands of fishing gps markers, for both land based, inshore and offshore fishing

Validated GPS markers from all around Australia. Ability to update markers and add photos to spots.

The Fishing mate is packed with features making use of the Iphones inbuilt capabilities.

Thefishingmate Iphone app takes advantage of the inbuilt GPS and web connectivity of the Iphone. The touch screen display also makes it very simple for the user to pan accross maps and scroll through information.

Guide to fishes of Australia.

Comprehensive guide to Australian fishes, with legal sizes and bag limits in all states, table quality and fishing tips. As well as some habitat and breeding information.

  • All of your information in 1 easy to access and mobile source
  • Up to date marine weather as provided from the BOM.
  • Comprehensive and easy to use guide to Australian fish with legal limits for states.

About Us

TheFishingMate was developed by local mad keen fishermen, who needed a way to have all there up to date info in one spot,

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